Keith Smith MSc

Get the most out of life and respecting others

Professional web developer and designer and I.C.T. profile and communication designer

Web development and web design: Is what I do!

It started with an interest in web design, so that allowed two years at Greater Brighton Metropolitan College (UK). That was the front-end design. Then for the back-end code another two years at the University of Sussex (UK).

Also becoming expert in UX (usability of a website) and HCI (how a website suits a particular person or company) at the
University of Tübingen, (Germany).

I build front end packages such as
WordPress, and also hand code using Bootstrap, AngularJS and also JS React. I design PHP and JavaScript games also using some Java. In addition, I am expert in the Art of I.C.T. communication and profile making.

I created
web-site-designs with a couple of fellow coders from university and also a copywriter to design and build websites in an honest and straightforward fashion. We are currently in the development of a new CMS system to allow budding web designers to make their own site with the minimum of effort.

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It is all about travel
experience and learning

            ~   Academic

            ~   I.C.T.

My raison d'être is learning ~ Sapientia et Doctrina.

However I decided to travel internationally before commencing further and higher education. Travelling by train throughout continental Europe, east and west. Visiting every country in Europe. Then on return, reading 'A' levels winning the county prize for chemistry, scoring 100%, 100%, 97% and 98% in the four academic papers. Then five years at university, achieving two academic degrees (BSc and MSc). Then international travel again. Whereby I achieved a cycle tour from
Dunkirk, France, to Eindhoven, Netherlands, completed in one day (12 hours).

There is most certainly more to come ...

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Playing with code
ideas and games

Front-end code or basic mark-up allows the basis of understanding and is important to learn. You can also use pre-build web platforms, such as WordPress which is as simple as eating bread. However to learn security and project your electronic profile then you need to learn back-end code. Once you have knowledge, you can do anything. See Leap years, and Heads and Tails are PHP and Java constructed educational games.

I teach a group of long term unemployed in the hope to create employment opportunities. I teach basic mark-up followed by JS React. So far, seven students have entered full time employment as coders. Well done to you all. To contact me to ask any question concerning teaching or security then email at
To make a donation towards training the unemployed:

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Travel brings photographs
learning and memories

Travel by bicycle or walking or travel by a wheelchair has so much to offer when in the countryside or by the seaside.

In an era of screen time employment and also social interaction, many are starting to suffer from eye strain, and developing myopic due to starring consistently at a screen. In addition, the blue light of a screen is said to suppress the sleeping hormone melatonin. Thereby, causing disrupted sleep patterns. That effect can result in hormone imbalance whereby the body craves food, late into the night. Then a person heads towards being obesity with further irregular sleeping patterns.

Therefore I recommend having no more than 20 minutes screen time. That includes usage of mobile phone, laptop, notebook or PC screen. Then stare into the distance and blink. That action will allow the eye muscles to relax. However is you see spots, floats, blurred vision etc., and then you must seek advice from a medical specialist.
Otherwise, enjoy the views.

I have taken various photographs from around the UK, continental Europe and throughout the world. I hope you enjoy these memories with me:

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Help is, help them
ideas and games

To support teaching of the unemployed and vulnerable communities please make a donation.

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