Keith Smith

and friends. Developing free web applications to start-up charities and good causes for the good of the community.

Professional proof reading ... AA Academic Journals and Novels

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What we offer

We are a group of designers and developers all trained at university. We provide free design and development building web applications for community causes and also start-up charities. We provide your community project, charity idea, start-up idea with the best and most up-to-date knowledge; for the community: All websites made in raw code for pure security instead of just downloading. We guarantee that your project will be on the first page of any Internet search.

  • Free web applications for community causes

  • Hand coded sites to prevent downloaded security issues

  • Guaranteed first page of any Internet search

  • Websites and web app's

  • Public Sector Bodies (Websites and Mobile Applications) Accessibility Regulations trained

  • WCAG 2 guidelines experts

  • Donate

Services we offer

Our teams are designers, developers and UX experts and also the legal/start-up team. All university trained. You first contact the legal/start-up team. Make your proposal or idea and they discuss with you the legality of the project. Once accepted, then we offer suggestions to the correct computer language to use and start to develop.

The service is free unless the community project is making a net profit.

Computer languages used:

  • HTML & CSS

  • JavaScript

  • Java

  • PHP and MySQL

  • HCI & UX

Professional Proof Reading

Proof reading is a skill defined by communication with the author, using time as a technique for suggestions and improvements. Additionally having the ability to focus and recognise correct grammar, syntax and most importantly; can a lay audience understand the article / academic article? Can the reader understand the flow of the chapter of your novel?

Communication is key

The author will be directed to understandability

Always write as then there is something to edit

Aim to be published in senior journals

Aim for a best seller, it is possible

To be a proof reading, you need the skills

  • Scrupulous concerning detailed work

  • Highly skilled in written English

  • Strong ability for concentrating for long periods

  • The ability to understand high level words, and linguistics structure including grammar, syntax, and phonetics concerning published academic AA journals and book chapters

  • The ability to pinpoint an author's idea, assisting with establishing the setting, and developing characters for a novel, published through words and structure

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