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Welcome to the Word game: randomization

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Tongue twister!

These sentences will change word order each time you refresh the page!

The game: each time you refresh the web page the words in the sentences below will change their order. Can you guess the combination?

Instructions: On a keyboard refresh the page by selecting (Ctrl) and F5 on a (Windows PC/Notebook) or by pressing + R on a (Mac/Apple device) or the curly arrow in web address box (www.) - URL (aka the search bar). On a Smartphone use the refresh option.

Quite a tongue twister!

Enjoy the fun

Should read: the English weather is beautiful apart from those days when it rains and hails and snows

snows when those is hails English from and days the and it beautiful apart rains weather

Should read: the quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog

the the dog quick fox lazy jumped brown over

Should read: the rain in Spain stays mainly on the plain

mainly stays the in in Spain rain plain the

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